"Having spent many vacations in Mysore, Pramod always did have an affinity to the place. So when the opportunity arose to invest in Nadig Nagara Township Phase 1, we seized it. It is a very well laid out township and in a very serene location.

We chose to invest in Nadig Nagara for its well-planned layout, location. Now with the township plan including a Golf Course and a Resort we are even more pleased with the Investment.

Though our hometown is Bangalore, we feel that Mysore is a cost-effective alternative to already-saturated Bangalore and has a huge growth potential. Especially with the doubling of the railway tracks between the two cities, plans for fast trains and Six Lane Highway Project, we know that Mysore will witness drastic growth in the coming years and property values in that area are bound to increase over the next few years."

Deepa & Pramod
Nadig Nagara Township Phase I


"I served in the Indian Army from 1972 to 2004 for 32 years where I got used to a lifestyle of balanced living meaning a healthy mixture of work,play and entertainment. It was not only for me but also for my family. My children are grown up today and they have their children too. I can figure out that they valued their childhood experience of living a balanced lifestyle because they are also trying to put their children through a similar routine to the extent possible.Let me explain - In the Defence Forces, your place of work, your place of play and entertainment was all within 5 to 10 minutes from your place of living( which included the children's schools).

When I left the Army and took up a job in Mumbai, this balanced routine went for a six. My office was 2 hours of commute time. There was no time for playing anything and entertainment meant going to a multiplex or a mall or to the club which also involved a commute and congestion/ crowded places.

For the last 2 years, my wife and me were looking for a home where we could replicate our Defence Forces lifestyle for the rest of our lives. I ultimately have found it in the Nadig Nagara Township at Mysore which will give us access to play and entertainment within walking distance from home. I can use my home as my work place since I am no longer required to do a job.We can go out for our morning walk without any disturbance of traffic. I can play golf twice or thrice a week on the course and on remainder days have a swim in the pool or play tennis/ badminton. We can utilise the dining facilities of the resort whenever we wish to have a change or entertain friends. And all this without leaving the confines of the township. The planning of infrastructure like roads, open spaces, greenery and matters related to hygiene and sanitation in the township offers a high class living environment.

I see that a lot of essential amenities like hospitals, schools and shopping areas are coming up in the close vicinity of the Nadig Nagara Township which would make living more wholesome.A big plus is that the promoters/ administrators have a long term involvement in the township which should ensure its better upkeep.

My wife and me are also happy that our children and grandchildren can visit us during holidays and enjoy a balanced lifestyle from the comfort of a home and indulging also in play and entertainment within close proximity of home - something rare in today's world.

We are certain that our decision to make Nadig Nagara Township our home for the reasons mentioned would be fulfilled entirely."

Colonel Narasimha M.
Nadig Nagara Township Phase III

"The journey into Nadinagara was a pleasure in itself. We could see the picture unfolding when Mr Satya and Mr Raghav explained the plans for the resort, golf course and the surrounding area. We went to see the place and came out of there owning our own piece of beautiful land."

Radhika Mukesh
Nadig Nagara Township Phase II

"I have lived in Mysore for most of my life and absolutely love this city! The superb climate, the cultured yet cosmopolitan lifestyle, the cleanliness, less traffic, good connectivity to other cities, the historic places to visit – the list goes on and on!

I guess it's no surprise that my wife and I have decided to spend our retirement years in Mysore. And so when we started looking for a property, we wanted a place that would be safe, secure, unpolluted, and serene. We also wanted an environment that had enough activity and entertainment to keep my lively granddaughter happy when she visits us from Bangalore. And so after some thought, we decided to purchase a property in Nadig Nagara Township as it met our requirements from all angles.

The sites are located in a peaceful area of Mysore, yet close enough to needed civic amenities such as banks, hospitals, schools and colleges. And the best part is that the site layouts are close to NadiSons Resorts, so I can easily enjoy playing indoor shuttle and tennis without leaving the community.

I would recommend purchasing a site in Nadig Nagara Township to others and are happy with our decision."

H.S. Krishnamurthy
Nadig Nagara Township Phase III